UNION bosses have called for a primary school to shut following an outbreak of Covid-19.

Sources close to Sunnyside Primary School claim as many as 20 teachers and 40 children have tested positive for the virus in the past week.

Glasgow City Council did not confirm numbers but said there had been a "spate" of positive results.

The EIS union said it believed the school should be closed to help stop of the spread of the illness.

But the council said all health and safety guidance is being properly followed.

A spokesperson for the EIS said: "We are very concerned about the outbreak in Sunnyside Primary School.

"We are told that all health and safety mitigations are being followed but we have always had concerned about how effective these are.

"It is clear there is a cluster of cases around the school and so we don’t understand why, given other local authorities have closed schools in the face of covid outbreaks, Glasgow City Council has not taken this step.

"We will be in contact with the council and we want to make sure this has been managed appropriately."

Parents at the Craigend school are also said to be concerned about the outbreak.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said:“The school has seen a spate of positive results over the last week in line with a rise in the community.

“The school is working with families to keep them updated on developments and reassure them that all the public health and risk assessments being adhered to in the building to minimise the risk of any spread in the school.

“We are all still dealing with a worldwide pandemic and everyone can do their bit to continue to follow the advice and guidance to help reduce and manage the spread of the virus.”