BAGS of clinical waste dumped in a Drumchapel lane have been branded a “hazard” by fed-up residents as mystery surrounds where they could have come from.

The white plastic sacks, which were discovered on Dunkenny Place next to St Laurence Church, were filled with dirty gloves and masks as well as used incontinence pads filled with human excrement.

Parish goers quickly alerted staff at Glasgow City Council who attended the site earlier this week to perform a clear up operation.

However, just days later more waste appeared - this time in the form of an adult nappy which was, again, filled with human waste - which was tackled by council staff.

Parishioners, who have been helping to move the “disgusting mess”, have been left puzzled as to where the dump could be coming from given there are no facilities which would require this sort of material nearby.

Glasgow Times: Waste dumped in the lane

However, those in the area feel items may have been ditched as a result of the cleansing strikes earlier this month, which has left many bins and backcountry over flowing with rubbish.

A resident, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s an inconvenience- dirty pads, masks and gloves lying around.

“[The strikes] have a lot to answer for.

“Some bags were burst and scattered in the lane. Parishioners have been trying to keep it away from the church.”

The area’s Councillor Paul Carey urged those struggling with overflowing bins not to dump their rubbish in the streets, branding the move “selfish”.

A spokesman for the council said: “Following a report from a local resident, our staff removed an unsanitary item from this location.

“All people have a basic responsibility to dispose of their waste in an appropriate manner at all times.

“If anyone has any information on who was responsible for the incident at Dunkenny Place they should contact our environmental health team, who can pursue enforcement action.

“We will continue to monitor this area closely.”