LAST week Glaswegians got the long overdue news that the Scottish Government would step in to reopen local libraries closed by the SNP in Glasgow City Council.

It didn’t take long though for this pre-election promise to unravel, forget that this problem is solely created by Nicola Sturgeon slashing our budget every year, but the fund announced is a one year sticking plaster. Not the long-term investment our local libraries need, so now it’s a matter of trust. Do you trust the SNP to continue to deliver on their promise after the election? History has shown why we shouldn’t.

In 2017 the SNP and Susan Aitken published their Manifesto to the people of Glasgow, setting out their vision for our City. After Glasgow saw through the thin veil of weak promises and did not elect a majority of SNP Councillors, has Susan Aitken stuck to her promises in her manifesto or is she just another SNP politician who will promise the world to get your vote?

Their opening section was on empowering communities, just how has Susan Aitken’s actions as Council Leader for nearly five years delivered on this? Have you taken advantage of the headline £1m budget to empower each of our 23 communities, letting you decide “long-term transformational investment” for your neighbourhood? Well, with some creative accounting, the SNP Council decided you have. You must have just missed it.

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Not only did they promise more funding for communities, they also promised better funding for local charities who carry out essential work. We all remember their shambolic mismanagement of the Glasgow Communities Fund which was meant to rebuild trust between the Council and charities. After 224 community groups, including the Citizens Advice Bureau who assist some of the most vulnerable on a daily basis, missed out on receiving any money what-so-ever. At least the Council doesn’t have to worry about damaging its reputation, because they never had one.

Research conducted by Ipsos Mori earlier this month, revealed charities continue to have concerns over “inappropriate political interference” from Councillors, a lack of transparency and poor communication from the Council. These kinds of backroom deals are typical of the SNP and shut out those who just want to get a fair deal. But at the same time when Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP Government reportedly inserted clauses into charity’s funding awards - to prevent them from criticising the Government. It’s the same self-interest which leaves us all worse off.

Whether you walk, drive or take the bus, we all use our roads and pavements. They literally keep our city moving. In yet another blatantly broken promise, have you seen less potholes, broken paving slabs or broken surfaces from their guarantee to invest in “repair, renewal and maintenance of pavements and roads? Just last month, one pothole was neglected for long enough that it became a crater which punctured five tyres in a row. It was so bad, the police had to attend as a queue of broken down and damaged cars blocked the whole road.

Just how much more evidence do we need that the SNP and Susan Aitken are so obsessed with breaking up the UK, that they cannot even do the basics and are happy to let our great city slip further into decay?

The worst of it though is that they’ve largely gotten away with this shameful record due to the incompetent and spineless opposition of Glasgow Labour – a party so void of talent and ideas they’re now selecting politicians of the past as candidates for the future.

The Conservative Group will soon be announcing our wave of fresh new and energetic candidates for next year’s election. We’ve held Susan Aitken accountable for 5 years with a small group, imagine what we can do with a larger contingent of local champions fighting against the SNPs useless record.