A Glasgow girl has been named as the winner of a competition for Britain's Messiest Bedroom.

Following a UK wide search, Eight-year-old Emily was chosen by bed retailers Happy Beds as the winner of the title and will receive a brand new bed as her prize.

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Lucy Bolland, Marketing Manager at Happy Beds, said: "We all know that getting children to tidy their rooms can be a difficult task and we feel for these parents!

"We hope Emily loves her new bed and that this is an incentive to keep her room tidier in future!”

Parents from across the UK shared photos of their children's bedrooms in the hopes of winning, but none could compete with the Glasgow tot's chaotic room strewn with toys and clothes.

Glasgow Times: Pictured: Eight year old Emily's room was chosen as the messiest in the UKPictured: Eight year old Emily's room was chosen as the messiest in the UK

Emily's dad said: "My daughter Emily, unfortunately, treats her room like more of a changing room and spends almost all her time in the family room instead (aren’t we lucky!).

"Anytime tidying is enforced it takes no more than a week to revert back to looking like a bomb zone.

"I’m hoping a new bed inspires positive change and behaviour!”

Do you know a young one who could give Emily a run for her money?

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