PROTESTORS who are occupying a former homeless shelter have been threatened with removal. 

Campaigners at Baile Hoose, the former Hamish Allan homeless hostel in Tradeston, received legal papers from Glasgow City Council seeking possession of the building and immediate eviction.

The building was occupied during COP26 as a place for people struggling to find accommodation during the climate conference. However, ten days after COP26 has come to an end, protestors are still there. They claim the building has now turned into a community project, providing support and practical solutions to the housing crisis.

A spokesperson for the occupation said: "We continue to occupy Baile Hoose in protest against the lack of accessible and emergency accommodation in Glasgow. We recognise that Glasgow City Council are in a position where they are chronically and unacceptably underfunded. Time and time again public services are shut down and public assets sold off in an attempt to balance the books."

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Legal proceedings have been instigated and will be heard on Wednesday, November 24. But Baile Hoose occupiers are seeking reassurances that the building will be put to public use. The spokesperson added:  "We cannot continue reliving this story whilst poverty continues to grow. This community asset has been empty for over 3 years.

"If not brought back into use, it risks being sold to private developers who continue to profit off the systematic destruction of community spaces in Glasgow.

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"Instead these buildings need to be brought back up to standard so they can be run by the community, for the community. We urgently ask the community and politicians to speak out in support of allowing unused public buildings to the public."

According to the council, protestors have been advised to leave for their own safety. It is understood the council were told they would leave on November 13, when COP26 ended. 

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson said: “The former Hamish Allan Centre has been closed for years and the building is not safe for human habitation.

“There are concerns about fire safety and possible asbestos.

“It was shut down, as it did not provide acceptable accommodation at that time and the residents moved to more appropriate Housing First properties.

“The council did not provide access to the building and it’s concerning that people are still in the building.”

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The campaigners believe they have the public on their side and have raised over £600 to cover their legal fees since they launched a crowdfunded last night. The spokesperson said: "Our presence in this building has been an asset to the community.

"It is unacceptable that the council are attempting to disregard their obligation to give notice to its occupants. We demand Glasgow City Council drop this attempt to sidestep their duty of care and stop obstructing community use of public buildings.”