A WOMAN will be falling 10,000 feet out of a plane in January in memory of her gran.  

Stacy Wilson, 31, will take part in the skydive to raise money for charity Alzheimer’s Scotland, a cause which is close to her heart.  

Stacy’s gran, Marion, passed away on June 23 last year at the age of 74 after a six-year battle with Alzheimer’s.  

When her gran was diagnosed at 68, she was devastated, especially as it was too advanced to stop with medication.  

Glasgow Times:

Stacy said: “I was heartbroken, because my gran brought me up since I was four, so my gran’s been my mum, my dad, she’s been my gran.  

“I had no other family, she was the only one that gave me a life.  

“She gave her life up to give me a life, so I was heartbroken, absolutely heartbroken.” 

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Stacy cared for her gran while also working full time as a nurse, before eventually having to put her into 24-hour care at Springboig Care Home, where she would still visit her every day. 

She decided she wanted to do something in her memory to raise awareness of the disease and make people aware of the support that’s available.  

She said: “Since my Gran got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it wasn’t just straightforward, we were struggling from the very start to get support, didn’t know what avenues to go down, didn’t know who to contact, and the illness just progresses so quick.  

“I think people that have got a relative with Alzheimer’s, the just deal with it, they don’t realise there is help out there, they just struggle and they deal with it and it becomes, not so much a burden, but it becomes such a big responsibility that they then don’t enjoy time with their relative because the pressure is there and they’re not getting any support.  

“If they knew there was so much support out there it would make it so much easier.” 

After setting up a Go Fund Me for the January 8 skydive last month, Stacy smashed her fundraising target of £500, raising over £3000 in the first week alone, and has been blown away by the support.  

Stacy, from Chryston near Glasgow, said: “I’m totally overwhelmed.  

“It just made me feel so emotional.  

“I just cannot believe strangers and random people out there are wanting to actually just be so generous and all coming together, it’s amazing, I honestly cannot believe it, it means a lot.” 

She added: “I’m not looking forward to it, but how I feel is nothing compared to what my Gran was going through or how she was feeling experiencing that illness, so really I’m just going to be strong and get on with it.  

“I’m terrified, I don’t like heights, but it’s for a good cause.” 

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Glasgow Times:

With over a month still to go before her skydive, Stacy, and 190 generous donors, have already raised more than £4100 for the charity.  

Isabel Quinn, stakeholder engagement co-ordinator at Alzheimer’s Scotland, said: “We are all so impressed by Stacy and her fearlessness as she prepares to take on this challenge.  

“With over 90,000 people living with dementia in Scotland, it is our biggest health and social care challenge and it isn’t going to go away.  

“Thanks to dedicated fundraisers like Stacy we are able to provide services across Scotland, such as our 24-hour Freephone Helpline, on 0808 808 3000, so that nobody has to face dementia alone.” 

To view or donate to Stacy’s fundraiser click HERE.