The Elfingrove Ice Experience is beginning to take shape in Glasgow.

The Glasgow Times visited Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum yesterday to take a first look at the site. 

Construction workers were assembling the frame for the canopy, putting up Christmas decorations, and building the custom tracks for a 50-metre ice rink.

Itison, who are running the event, claim it will be the biggest ice rink Scotland has ever had.

Megan McGill, who does team events at Itison, said: “We’re so excited. It’s very loud and busy and everyone's working really hard. We are about a week and a half away from launching.

"We are lighting up Kelvingrove Museum with the light show from GlasGlow and it’s going to look amazing.”

While the event is anticipated to sell out, Itison are extending the experience to those who may not be able to attend by donating 1000 tickets to local charities, community groups and schools.

They are also accepting charitable donations through the Charitree, which was introduced at GlasGLOW and allows guests to donate to local projects with the click of a button.

The Charitree has raised over £30,000 and the team hope to keep adding to this number at Elfingrove.

To mark a monumental return after the pandemic, a few changes have been made to Elfingrove to elevate the experience.

Megan said: “Everything is completely outdoor. But there is a covered roof that will protect us from the Scottish weather.

“The most different thing is the ice rink itself. It is custom made and the tracks are being assembled now. We are getting the ice soon and are excited to see it coming together.

"It is going to be mammoth - half of the diamond shaped part of the rink is the size of the full rink at George Square.

“We are working with the team from Dancing on Ice and Somerset House to make the tracks, and with the see-through roof you’ll be able to skate under the stars, see the light show, and it will make for an incredible atmosphere.”

If you want to enjoy a festive experience but do not fancy stepping onto the ice, the Silent Snow Disco is a chance to dance to some festive tunes as snow falls around you.

Megan added: “We’ll be playing Christmas classics, party songs - everything on your Christmas party playlist.”

Festive food and drink is on offer at The Candy Bar, including Christmas cheese fondue, pigs in blankets, Candy Cane cocktails, boozy hot chocolate and toasted mallows at the Mallow Café Firepits.

The team are also looking forward to introducing their cold equivalent to the swim-up bars often seen at pools in summer holiday resorts.

Megan said: “You can skate up to the bar, get a hot chocolate, then head back down the ice.”

Itison assures that every aspect of the experience is COVID safe, and for those donning their skates there will be plenty of help at hand.

Megan added: “Whatever skating experience you have, we will have some tips to get you used to the ice. We also have people on hand to assist kids, and maybe the adults too!”

While it could not operate last year due to the COVID pandemic, the team are hoping the Ice Experience creates something special for guests. 

Megan said: “It’s all about bringing Christmas back so people can enjoy it again.”

The Ice Experience opens on December 2, and runs until December 24. Tickets can be bought online now HERE.