TWO WOMEN told a jury that they were sexually assaulted by a man in an underpass at night.

The 46 and 24-year-old women claimed they were groped in Glasgow's Cowcaddens on January 22 this year.

The first woman stated she tried to assist a man who called for help while on the ground before attacking her.

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The second woman alleged a man put his hands down her jeans, strangled and kissed her around 30 minutes later at the same location.

She added that the man dropped an earphone before fleeing the scene.

Rahmat Karimi is on trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court accused of assaulting the two women with intent to rape.

The 27-year-old is further accused of intentionally exposing his genitals to the first woman.

The 46-year-old woman told jurors she was walking with her boyfriend in the city centre to meet friends but was trailing behind him at 8.25pm.

She claimed that she came across a man in an underpass on a slope.

The woman said: "He was asking for help and I thought there was something wrong with him, he was maybe hurt.

"I went to see if I could help at all."

The woman claimed the man then gestured while exposing himself.

She stated she walked away and called him a pervert before catching up with her boyfriend.

The woman claimed her partner went searching for the man.

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She then told jurors that the man came from the side of her and exposed himself again while asking for help.

Prosecutor Mark Allan asked what happened.

The woman replied: "I walked on quickly telling him to go away and to leave me alone. He caught up quickly.

"By that time, we were back at the underpass and he grabbed me and put his left hand on my mouth then put his hand down the front of my leggings."

The woman added that she was then repeatedly groped by the man as she was screaming for her boyfriend.

She claimed the man tried to drag her backwards as she tried to fend him off.

The woman stated he fled the scene after two witnesses arrived at the scene who had watched events take place from their nearby flat.

The trio then reported the matter to the police.

Mr Allan asked how the woman felt about the incident and she replied: "Violated, upset, I went to try and help someone and that's what happened to me."

While using a Spanish interpreter, the second woman then told jurors that she was walking in the underpass coming home from work around 9pm.

She stated that she felt someone close behind her on a set of stairs before a man touched her bum.

The woman said: "I told him what are you doing, stop, but he wouldn't stop he did it twice, I tried to tell him I would call the police.

"When I showed him my phone to show I was calling the police, he took it off me."

The woman added the man grabbed her by the arm and she was pushed to the floor.

She alleged the man was unable to take off her jeans but put his hand inside them.

The woman added: "He realised he couldn't do anything, he couldn't touch me so he lay on top of me and tried to kiss me."

She claimed the man "strangled" her by putting his two hands around her neck.

The woman claimed she "let" the man kiss her on the lips in order to push him away.

She stated that the man ran away when a woman arrived on the scene.

Mr Allan asked if the man left anything behind and she stated: "Yes, his earphones...Apple ones."

The woman stated that they were recovered by the police and she later went to identify who her attacker was on two occasions.

Sinead Corrigan, defending, asked: "In terms of the person you call the attacker, had you seen that person before?"

The woman replied: "No."

Karimi also faces separate charges of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards to other people and assaulting a security officer in the city's Byres Road and Great George Street on the same date.

The trial continues tomorrow before Sheriff Joan Kerr.