A THIEF who broke into a man's flat as he went to collect a food delivery was caught in the act.

Alan Galbraith was snared with a suitcase containing a PlayStation 5 in the property in Glasgow city centre's Ingram Street on September 16 this year.

The 49-year-old was also found with a Hugo Boss watch that he had hidden in his clothing.

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He had earlier taken advantage of resident David McCarthy leaving the door unlocked to check on the delivery.

Galbraith pleaded guilty to theft at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

The court heard David McCarthy, Alexander McCarthy and Andrew McCarthy were at the flat watching a football match on the day of the offence.

Prosecutor Sarah Latta stated that David left the flat to check if a food delivery had arrived.

She said: "He closed the door but didn't lock it.

"As he went to the main entrance to the building, he saw Galbraith lingering about the foyer area."

After David returned to the foyer, he noticed Galbraith was no longer there.

Ms Latta added: "As David returned to flat, he found Galbraith who was in possession of a suitcase which belonged to Andrew.

"In it, Andrew recovered his PlayStation 5 that was removed from the games room and the console was broken."

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The homeowners kept Galbraith in the flat as they waited on police to arrive.

Officers found Galbraith sitting in the hallway of the flat and he was arrested.

A search of Galbraith's body recovered the Hugo Boss watch which also belonged to Andrew.

Ms Latta said: "The value of the items were £700 and there was a full recovery."

Paul McCormack, defending, told the court Galbraith has no recollection of the incident due to his state of intoxication.

Sentence was deferred until next month pending background reports by Sheriff Matthew Jackson QC who continued Galbraith's remand in custody meantime.