I READ Chris McQueer’s write up regarding ageing. He is worrying about when he reaches 40 in 10 years’ time!
Then I read the article about Joanna Lumley who is now 75 and has no worries about growing older. 
What a difference in attitude. She is so positive and it was refreshing to read about her.
Listen Chris, I am 90. I was still playing tennis at 80 and went ice skating with my great grandchildren when I was 87.
I recently found out that World War II evacuees were officially marching during the televised Armistice Day ceremony this year. I am now in training to get myself fit to go on that March next year.
Chris, you have the wrong attitude. 
Live life to the full. Forget about your age. 
Oh by the way, I am not long in from playing indoor bowling. All of the players were well over 60. 
Another thing, stay off social media. Get a life! You will live longer.
There is life after 30!
Daniel Harris

I WONDER why the mainstream media is ignoring the fiasco in the energy market, this industry is too important to be unregulated. 
At one point there were more than 60 energy companies vying for customers, now they are folding their tents and disappearing back into their tax havens. 
I would like to know what sort of financial mess has been created, up to last year more than £300 million was lost in green taxes, this is money added on to our bills and paid by us to the companies. 
But almost all of them owe the Government money, but it wasn’t their money it was ours? 
The Tory governments of the past 14 years have been trumpeting about competition, the only competition I can see is which bunch of spivs can get away with the most taxpayers’ money. 
As for Ofgem, a complete waste of time and money. 
Come on get your reporters to dig into this quagmire and ask the really hard questions!!!
William Allan 

A LOT has to do with the restrictions on vans being allowed into recycling centres. (Bridgeton woman hits out at Glasgow litter louts, November 26). The cowboys won’t pay the money and dump anywhere and then we have to pay more to get it cleaned up. Better to bite the bullet and let them dump for free at designated centres.
Jock Tamson
RUBBISH and fly-tipping? That’s what happens when you give people “free” things. 
If large swathes of these 
people had mortgages I’m pretty sure they would take pride in where they live and what they owned. 
Free boilers, free windows, free council tax and massively subsidised rents. 
That’s where your problem is. 
Don’t see many rubbish-strewn fly-tipped places in decent areas.
Harry Harrison