Earliest memory of Glasgow? Sitting in my dad’s allotment shed at the Caledonia Gardens, a wee green oasis in the city, while he planted flowers. I can still remember the brightly coloured pansies which were my favourite and my mum’s favourite.

Which street did you live on? I lived nearby in Oatlands and remember the big redevelopment taking place when these allotments were removed to make way for the new Hutchesontown rebuilding plan. So many happy memories wiped out.

Describe your house: We didn’t have a garden so going to the allotments was really special. I can still remember the scent in the summer, and the annual flower show they held there.

What school did you go to? Wolseley Primary. I remember getting skint knees in the playground one day I was showing off in front of the big girls, and tripped over my own feet. I still remember to this day how it smarted but how that was nothing compared to my bright red face of embarrassment.

Favourite local cinema: My auntie lived in Govan and she used to take us to the Lyceum. That was a real treat. She was our glam auntie, my mum’s youngest sister, who also took me shopping for my first ‘grown-up’ dress – pale green taffeta with ivory trim, and ivory gloves, can still remember it. I remember she once took me to Pettigrew and Stephen’s in the town, and I watched in awe as store models displayed the latest dresses on the shop’s very own catwalk. I think they used to have a hairdresser in there too. It felt very grand.

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Where did you go dancing? Me and my friends Helen and Meg loved dancing and we went everywhere – the Barrowland, the Locarno, F&F’s…happy days.

Best thing about growing up in Glasgow? It was full of community spirit, where your neighbours looked out for you and your family stuck by you. That sounds like rose-tinted glasses, but it’s absolutely true.

Happiest childhood memory: Watching my dad on the wee allotment and me trying to help him by picking up a watering can that was the same size as I was.