A KILLER brutally murdered his disabled friend - then showed another man what he had done.

Patryk Jasinski stabbed to death Tomasz Lipiec, 33, at the victim's flat in Townhead, Glasgow.

The 31-year-old flew into a rage after Tomasz had been annoyed at Jasinski's former co-accused Jason McInally earlier being in his home.

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The thug fled before taking a friend back to the flat the next day after confessing he had "battered a guy".

The High Court in Glasgow heard Tomasz's body was still lying there with a plastic bag over his face.

Jasinski - nicknamed 'Polish Paddy' - now faces a life sentence for the murder.

He had pleaded guilty last Friday, but it was only on Tuesday prosecutor Greg Farrell explained what happened on September 4 and 5 last year.

Tomasz - who used a wheelchair due to losing part of his right leg - had gone back to Townhead with Jasinski and McInally having been in Glasgow city centre.

Referring to McInally, Tomasz told Jasinski: "He is not coming to my flat - I do not want him in my house."

However, the three ended up inside before Tomasz and McInally started arguing.

McInally eventually decided to leave. It was in the hours after Jasinski killed the dad.

Following the murder, ex-IT worker Jasinski met Sean Morris on the morning of September 6.

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Mr Farrell: "He told him that he had battered a guy, who he had told to stay down, but he did not.

"He then demonstrated to Sean Morris how he had done a chokehold around the person's neck.

"Jasinski also admitted stabbing Tomasz and demonstrated a stabbing motion."

The killer went on to take his friend back to the gruesome murder scene.

Mr Farrell: "Jasinski let himself in and Sean Morris observed the body lying on the living room floor with a plastic bag over his head.

"Sean Morris stated they should get help, but Jasinski replied: 'It is too late. He has not got a pulse'."

It was the next night before police forced entry to the flat and discovered Tomasz's body remained in the living room.

He suffered three stab wounds including one through the heart. There was also evidence he had been choked.

Jasinski was arrested at his home in the city's Govanhill days later.

Mr Farrell: "He did not admit any involvement in the murder at interview."

Lord Mulholland deferred sentencing until just before New Year.

The judge told Jasinski: "This is a tragedy for Tomasz Lipiec and his family.

"You have visited upon them a life sentence of grief and loss.

"At least two of the wounds inflicted were unsurvivable.

"When you plunge a knife into someone, it is an absolute lottery if that person will sustain life threatening injuries or not."

Jason McInally had also been accused of murder, but his not guilty plea was accepted last week.