A STUNNING mural featuring Sir Alex Ferguson is nearing completion in an eye-catching addition to the streetscape of Govan.

The colourful mural – commissioned by Elderpark Housing – depicts Govan-born Sir Alex Ferguson alongside women wartime munitions workers.

And it is finished off with an optimistic ray of sunshine.

Glasgow Times:

The work has been undertaken by artists Frank and Mandy Carty from Artisan Artworks on behalf of Yardworks Govan – part of SWG3 – the Glasgow creative hub and arts venue.

It has already become a much-talked about feature on Crossloan Road, Govan.

Local people were consulted on who and what they would like to see on the mural with workshops taking place and it came as no surprise that Sir Alex – who celebrates his 80th birthday this month - was a popular choice.

Elderpark Housing Estates Co-ordinator Jim Fraser said: “This remarkable mural sums up not just the proud past of Govan but sends an optimistic message about a forward-looking community with a bright future.

“And if anyone was to be featured as an icon of our community it would have to be one of our own Sir Alex Ferguson whose track record as a football manager is unparalleled.

“This outstanding artwork which Frank and Mandy have painted has transformed – as art often does – a shop front into an eye catching addition to the community.

Glasgow Times:

“We are delighted with how it has turned out and now it is very nearly completed, it has become a talking point among local people.

“This public art reflects Elderpark Housing’s desire to encourage local artists and ensure as many people as possible enjoy art right on their doorstep.”

Sir Alex grew up in a tenement in Govan Road and has often spoken about his upbringing and his everlasting affection for the community.

He attended Broomloan Road primary school and later Govan High School then beginning his stellar football career with Govan-based Harmony Row Boys’ Club.

Meanwhile, women played a key role in munitions work in Govan – keeping the war effort alive while men were fighting overseas.

Glasgow Times:

In often dangerous but vital work, their contribution to winning the second world war cannot be underestimated and defined the true grit of Govan women of the 1940s.

Project co-ordinator Laura Frood said: “We have been delighted to support this mural in partnership with Elderpark Housing.

"The work depicts faces of Govan, the clearly identifiable Sir Alex Ferguson and an image of four women in the munitions factory inspired by a photo kindly donated by Jack Currie, a former Govanite who now lives in the US.

“Artist Frank Carty who was born in Govan has been keen to paint a portrait of Sir Alex Ferguson for a while and really enjoyed engaging with the community while he was installing the mural.

"The response from the community has been truly brilliant. “