RESIDENTS in the city centre are calling for a beloved statue to be replaced to its plinth after it was removed almost five months ago. 

Locals in the Merchant City have revealed they are on a quest to “look for David” after a replica of Michelangelo’s David disappeared from the area in June.

The figure - erected in 1991 for the opening of the Italian Centre - was taken away during the same time filming in the area took place and has not been seen since. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow City Council bosses have confirmed that the structure was removed due to safety concerns as it had been rocking slightly on its stand. 

The copy of Michelangelo’s David is currently with the local authority’s contractor for repairs, however, a date for reinstallation is yet to be confirmed.

Carla Arrighi, member of Merchant City and Trongate Community Council, said: “It is very synonymous for the reason being that it is the Italian Centre that it is located outside. 

“They took the statue down when filming started and we don’t know where it was taken. 

“I got in touch with some of our local representatives and there has been no sign of it being replaced yet. 

“I know they are busy but there is just a marble plinth left and it looks really sad and neglected especially for the Merchant City, which is meant to be the city’s jewel in Glasgow’s crown.”

Glasgow Times:

Ms Arrighi says that the statue attracted tourists, who would often take pictures of the figure along John Street.

She added: “The statue was always being pictured by tourists, it is really awful that there is just a square marble left. It is clear that something important is missing from the community.  

“I am really passionate about it. I would really like to see it returned to its home and I know that other residents and business owners in the centre feel the same.  

“It was a gorgeous piece of work and I always enjoyed looking at it whenever I walked by.”

Glasgow Times:

And as a Glaswegian with Italian roots, Ms Arrighi says that the figure was valued and sentimental to those from Italy who had migrated to the city. 

“Italians have a really large stronghold here and there is a lot of history”, she said. 

“I love the Italian-Scottish culture here and the statue was part of that – it’s really sad and disappointing that it has been missing for so long.

“I have been looking for answers but I’ve been hitting a brick wall trying to see where he is – I’m literally looking for David.”

Local SNP councillor Angus Millar said that he is making inquiries to see the replica replaced to its Merchant City home. 

He said: “Residents are understandably keen to see the statue returned, and I hope that can happen as soon as possible.”