WHY should they be getting free travel? (No plan for free Glasgow subway travel for young people).

Another one of the SNP’s pointless vanity projects to try and win votes by any corrupt method possible.

They can’t even remotely come close to affording all the other nonsense they’ve promised never mind additional. About time the decision-making process was taken away from the immensely stupid SNP.

Moonk Calder

STOP tarring all the young ones the same.

Some do want to work but can’t get jobs not for lack of trying, mental health is through the roof right now and hopefully this scheme isn’t used and abused but I do agree kids up to the end of school age, disabled and pensioners should all have this privilege.

Give something back to the elderly who’ve probably worked and paid their tax for many years and also no excuses for kids not getting to school, the fares are shocking.

Carol Currie

GOOD. The only free travel should be for those who have worked all of their lives and paid their taxes.

Jill Ferguson

AT the 2015 Paris jolly, COP25, nations agreed they would try to stay below a 2C increase in “global temperatures” compared to preindustrial times. Faced with a great deal of cynicism and the fact that no-one had really “committed” to anything, in 2018 the IPCC suggested an even lower target – clearly if no-one takes the threshold seriously it might as well be 1.5C.

Climate scientists pointed out that staying below 1.5C requires the whole world to reach net zero by 2050 – which is totally unrealistic. However, Extinction Rebellion claims humanity will die out if the magic 1.5C barrier is crossed while Prince Charles, Joe Biden and new “doomster convert” Boris Johnson assure us we have only months left to save the planet.

COP26 wanted a total phase-out of coal which India and China watered down to non-binding targets conditional on huge bribes. In fact, renewable energy will increase but so too will contributions from coal, oil and gas. As people start to realize climate policies will make them poorer and colder, Japan is not alone in planning to double oil and gas production by 2040.

Dr John Cameron

I HAVE already paid through my (extortionate) council tax for my bins to be emptied.

The fact that they weren’t, surely that must mean that I am due a refund of 1/52 of the cost of bin collection (whatever that may be).