A GLASGOW music collective recently received a special 'early Christmas present'. 

Hen Hoose, a grassroots music production house based in the city, was gifted a limited edition vinyl of Happy Xmas (War is Over) by Yoko Ono and her son Sean Ono Lennon.

The record is one of fifty "rare" copies of the single, created as part of 50th anniversary celebrations of its original release.

Glasgow Times: [Image: Tamara Schlesinger] [Image: Tamara Schlesinger]

Twenty-five of the "extremely rare" records have been sent to a range of "hand-picked" music charities, non-profits, and grassroots organisations that Yoko and Sean feel are "undertaking great work across the UK music scene."

Founder and director of Hen Hoose, Tamara Schlesinger said it was "surreal” to receive the package and she could not believe it when she opened it last Thursday.

Glasgow Times: [Image: Tamara Schlesinger][Image: Tamara Schlesinger]

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She said: "I had no idea, genuinely had no idea. It’s just surreal, I’m a huge Beatles fan, everyone in my family is and just to have been hand-picked and for people to think what we’re doing with Hen Hoose, well for Yoko Ono and Sean Ono Lennon to think what we’re doing with Hen Hoose warrants this is just incredible, to be honest.

"I still think I am [shocked] it’s not really sunk in. Thursday was an absolute whirlwind, to be honest of messages from my family and my friends and I couldn’t quite believe it to be honest.

"It’s slowly sinking in now."

The vinyl was gifted to Hen Hoose as well as 24 other organisations across the UK to allow them to auction/sell them to raise funding.  

Tamara said with the money raised she hopes Hen Hoose will be able to do another round of funded writing as well as donating some of it to their chosen charity, Tiny Changes.

She said: "I would like to look into doing another round of the funded writing side of the project bringing in some new, maybe less experienced writers alongside some of the experienced writers to kind of develop everyone a little bit more and to kind of continue on our journey really.

"I mean I’ve no idea what kind of funds we’re talking about for selling this but even just a bit of money means that we can continue to do what we’re doing and support the writers and the producers which would be amazing."

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Glasgow Times: [Photograph by Colin Mearns] [Photograph by Colin Mearns]

Hen Hoose, is a group made up of Scottish female and non-binary artists, writers, and producers who collaborate on music across multiple genres.

Some of their work has been featured in Hollywood films, Netflix shows, and most recently they wrote the music for the Scottish Government vaccine campaign.

The group also produced an album titled Equaliser which was released on November 5.

Tamara grew up in Glasgow’s Southside and is now based in the West End.

She said: "I mean it’s [Glasgow] just got the most incredible music scene, doesn’t it? It’s an exciting place to live and an inspiring place to live.

"It’s just so warm and I just love Glasgow I really do."

The vinyl has now been sent off to Omega Auctions in England, an auction house that specialises in music memorabilia and vinyl records.

Bidding will end on Sunday with all proceeds going towards Hen Hoose and Tiny Changes.