A GLASGOW home with a 10ft Christmas tree nestled inside will be one of the properties showcased on a festive edition of a BBC Scotland favourite.

Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year will feature East End property The Light House when it airs on Wednesday.

The gorgeous property is home to Phylip Mullan-Reid, 51, and his partner Paul McCarroll, 44.

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Glasgow Times:

The couple, who have been together 10 years, moved into their four bedroom property in the Athletes Village around six years ago - but quickly make some floor plan adjustments for privacy and to make way for an impressive 10ft Christmas tree of course.

Phylip, who is Head of Visual Identity for retailer Sterling Furniture, explained: “We had a rented flat in the city centre behind Frasers actually next to Diamond Dolls. Their illuminated sign used to light up our lounge which was quite funny.

“We had a great wee flat that there but it was rented and we wanted to get a property of our own.”

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Glasgow Times:

He continued: “When I started working at Sterling Furniture, the Athlete’s Village where we are, it is on London Road.

“They had already built the houses, this is before the athletes took residence in them.

“I just loved the architecture of the gable ends. There were similar to houses I had seen in Holland when I had been over there buying and I just thought they were so unusual especially the top floor half of the gable end is all glass.

“We just fell in love with it and we went for a four bedroom.

“There is just the two of us and when we were looking round the house, we went to the top floor which consisted of a double bedroom which had the full half gable end glass window and then there was a single bedroom next to that and a private bathroom.

“As soon as I went in because the ceiling was bolted which made the room quite unusual I just thought to myself my god I could fit a 10ft Christmas tree in here – this is true by the way – if you took the wall out between the two bedrooms and made it a big lounge.

“The other thing was – the houses are lovely don’t get me wrong, every room has double aspect windows and the windows are floor to ceiling so the lounge which was on the ground floor was a bit like a gold fish bowl. People walking by can look in, so I said to Paul, ‘we don’t need four bedrooms ,we need a guest room and a master bedroom, let’s take that wall out upstairs, make it into a lounge and it will be private’ - and we did that.

“It’s an amazing space and I got the 10ft tree.

“In fact I have got three of them so I can change them every year.”

Glasgow Times:

That same tree takes a massive four hours to fully fluff and a further four hours to decorate with eight thousand lights. It is one of many highlights that the property will showcase when judges Anna Campbell-Jones, Michael Angus and Kate Spiers take a look inside for this Christmas cracker of a special which will also feature homes in Dumfries and Galloway, Aberdeen, North Ayrshire and Dumbarton.

So what made Phylip apply for the show?

“If I am honest I was familiar with the normal show. I have kind of dipped in and out of watching that.

“It was an ex colleague of mine, a lady called Ros. She had been to my house at Christmas and knew what I did.

“She sent me a Facebook message randomly and said you have got to enter this,” he laughed.

Glasgow Times:

He added: “She sent me the link and I had a look at it. If I am honest initially I was reluctant because for me it is a very personal private place but then I thought why not after what we have all been through these last couple of years.

“I just wanted to spread a wee bit of festive cheer and hopefully inspire some people – and here we are I got through.”

Glasgow Times:

Phylip, who is originally from Belfast, credits his family for his early interest in Christmas interior design particularly his mum who sadly passed away.

He said: “I am very fortunate because Christmas is my passion but it is also a big part of the role I do professionally.

“ I have always been drawn to design, it is what I enjoyed at school.

“My mum loved Christmas – I lost my mum a few years ago after a short illness.

“When I was a child growing up in Belfast in the late 70s early 80s like a lot of young families there wasn’t a lot of money about to spend on frivolous things like Christmas decorations.

“My mum was very creative she made the very best of what we had and always made it really magical and really special.

“My dad he was a very practical kind of guy and could put his hand to almost anything – I guess it is in the genes.

“When I was a wee boy, my mum and I used to watch the old movies from the 40s and 50 like Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Bishop’s Wife, Meet Me in St Louis – that nostalgia stayed with me and in anything I do I try to put an element of nostalgia into it.

“I want people to feel embraced by Christmas and experience a feeling of childhood joy whether it is at my home or in the private work I do as well as the work I do for Sterling Furniture when I set their Christmas up.

“I just want to make it really special because it is a personal thing.”

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

So what makes good festive interiors?

“It is truly in the eye of the beholder because what appeals to one person might not appeal to another.,” Phylip said.

He added: “The only thing I have managed to find out about the other contestants is that it is quite diverse.

“I think from what I have heard – I might be wrong – I am what you class as the blingiest.

 “To be honest with you I don’t like being referred to as blingy I like to think that it is very classily done. I have got a lot of beautiful stuff.

“But I get it a lot of people would look at it and think first of all oh my God how can you live with that around you.

“So for some people, my house would be heaven and for other people, it would be sheer hell.

“Friends of mine because of the effort I put into it are jokingly reluctant for me to come to their house at Christmas to see their tree.

“But to me, every tree is beautiful because it is done with love whether it be a little tree on top of a table with a few hanging baubles or something along the lines of what I do.

“The fact that people have made the effort...look at what we have been through these last couple of years we deserve a little bit of cheer.”

Glasgow Times:

Watch Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year on BBC Scotland on Wednesday, December 22 8pm to 9pm or BBC One Scotland, on Thursday, December 23 1.45 to 2.45pm