A MAN turned up at a woman’s home with a knife and told her he was going to climb in her window.

Kieran Docherty, 35, was sent to prison after appearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court to be sentenced for two separate incidents.

On April 7 last year, Docherty, from Pollok, turned up to a house at Netherplace Road, also in Pollok, with the weapon.

Prosecutor fiscal depute Victoria Keel said: “The witness, aged 29, was within her home with her partner and two children.

“At this time, the buzzer went, and she looked out of the peephole. She went to the buzzer and asked who it was. There was no reply. When she asked again, there was no reply.

“She went to the close door and saw the accused. She asked him what he wanted. He said he was there to tell her partner to ‘stop posting something’.

“He gave her a fright as he started to shout at her. He said, ‘I know where you work, I’ve been watching you’.

“Thereafter, the accused said, ‘I’ll climb in your back windae’. The accused went around the back of the house. He then reappeared where she was and appeared very angry.

“He pulled something out that was red, and she believed it to be a lock back knife. She then closed the close door and heard him shouting before he left.”

A couple of months later, the incident was reported to police.

Docherty’s lawyer said that his client’s sister was being threatened by the woman’s partner and attended at the house to sort matters out.

In a separate incident on April 22 this year, Docherty was charged with behaving in a threatening and abusive manner by threatening violence at Torridon Path, Dumbreck, whilst on bail.

The same night, he failed to present himself at his door when police turned up after his curfew hours.

Docherty’s defence solicitor said: “He has a record dating back to 2003 but there are long breaks.

“Last year, he went on a bit of a downward spiral due to an incident. He used alcohol as a coping mechanism. However, he has been self-referring to Alcoholics Anonymous in the last few months. He’s going twice per week.

“He’s currently on a community payback order and has carried out 130 hours of unpaid work. He has one matter outstanding from June 2020 – an assault.

“He has gained control back in his life but realises he could be facing a custodial sentence.”

Sheriff Amel Elfallah sentenced Docherty to 163 days in prison.

She told him: “During both incidents, you threaten violence and have a knife in your possession during one.

“Both are extremely serious and regardless of why you thought this was a good idea, the court takes an extremely dim view on violent behaviour.

“You were not only subject to court orders at the time, but you were also on bail. I don’t see anything other than custody.”