Pete Doherty has shared some thoughts on his recent art collaboration with Barlinnie prison. 

The Libertines frontman partnered up with the Scottish prison to create an exhibition of prison artists' work, to emphasise the rehabilitating effect art has.

The project started with a session where he posed for the artists to be drawn. The exhibition opened on September 22 this year.

Yesterday, BBC Scotland released an interview with the musician, where he recalled his experience and thoughts on art as a positive influence.

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He said: "My role was really to sit there and play a few songs, and they drew me.

"Then, they were presented with an image of me, which they have all taken away and done something with, whether it be a collage or a reconstruction of it, based on what they thought of me personally.

"I'm just really chuffed to have been involved and to have seen it come to fruition."

The singer himself has been incarcerated three times before.

He added: "Being confined in a small space and locked up can be particularly hard for a creative spirit, for someone that needs to make music or needs to sing or needs to dance or draw or write, I think, it's like a double sentence.

"So, even in the confines of a sentence, having the opportunity to draw or write is a kind of release.

"For people, who say that people in prison should just be punished and have no access to anything is, I believe, wrong.

"This was a good opportunity for me to put that belief into some sort of positive action."

The exhibition, which contained photographs, drawings, collages made by prisoners was available at Argyle Street Arches in Glasgow.

Talking about his own experiences with addiction, the singer said: "I'm in a state of recovery, but I am not recovered yet. But, without music and art, I don't know where I would be."