A MAN who left a “trail of wreckage” after crashing into five cars replied “pile of s***e” when police cautioned and charged him.

William Whitelock was jailed after appearing for sentencing at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

On the morning of May 8, the 47-year-old was driving a Mercedes-Benz A-Class with a flat tyre at Alexandra Park Street.

Prosecutor fiscal depute Victoria Keel said: “The accused approached a junction and turned before losing control of the vehicle. He collided with the rear of a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, causing damage.

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“He then approached a set of traffic lights, moved onto the opposite carriageway and drove straight through a red light. A car swerved abruptly to avoid a collision.

“The accused continued to drive along the wrong side of the road until a double-decker bus flashed its headlights, at which point the accused returned to the correct carriageway and went around the bus.”

Whitelock then continued driving and turned onto Walter Street before colliding with the front of a parked silver Volvo – which resulted in it not being able to be driven due to the damage.

He then turned onto Aberfoyle Street and struck a parked silver Vauxhall Insignia. He continued driving and went on to hit a grey Audi A3, and a silver BMW – causing damage to all vehicles.

The court heard that by this time, Whitelock’s car had suffered “extensive damage”, but he managed to make his way onto Walter Street before his vehicle stopped and could no longer be driven.

Police had been contacted. They made their way and spotted his car sitting stationary.

Ms Keel went on to say: “When approaching, officers could hear revving coming from within the car, however, due to the damage, the vehicle remained stationary.

“Police removed the keys from the engine. The accused was asked to get out and he did. He was required to provide a specimen of breath. He agreed, however, refused to comply with instructions and would not blow into the device for the required period of time.

“The test was attempted three times, however, the accused failed to provide on each occasion. He was informed he was under arrest and conveyed to Cathcart police office. He was thereafter cautioned and charged and replied, ‘pile of s***e.”

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The court heard that Whitelock, whose address was listed as Dennistoun, currently lives in temporary homeless accommodation.

His defence solicitor said: “He is unemployed but is due to commence work in January. He is extremely sorry for his actions and wishes to apologise to everyone involved and accepts full responsibility for his conduct.

“He got into his car after it had been damaged by someone and attempted to pursue the individual. The incident took place over a very short area and over a fairly short space of time.”

Sheriff Amel Elfallah told Whitelock: “Your behaviour was extremely irresponsible. You left a trail of wreckage and your attitude to the breath test compounded matters.

“There’s no alternative to custody given the nature and your record.”

He was sentenced to 108 days in prison and was disqualified from driving for 27 months.