WE truly are blessed to have so many wonderful water birds in our city’s parks.

As a result, it really disappoints me when I see people feeding them bread in Alexandra Park.

It has long been known that bread offers no nutritional value to ducks, swans and geese and can actually harm ducklings.

Furthermore, mouldy

bread can actually kill these wonderful creatures and attract vermin.

Instead, I would advise your readers to feed them more suitable foods such as wheat, oats, peas, corn and small pieces of vegetable peel.

If you don’t have any of these in your kitchen, some sliced grapes will also suffice.

D Brown


WHILST I understand that the role of opposition parties during First Minister’s Questions is to hold the government of the day to account, I am getting seriously sick and tired of Douglas Ross asking the same trivial questions at least two or three times just

so that he can stay standing, try to look important and say anything derogatory and usually very negative about the Government.

Maybe if these were questions on some of the most important issues, not side and timing issues, it would be useful but I’m afraid unless someone can have a word, we will all continue to be subjected to the Ross Dross for the foreseeable future.

Please Mr Ross try to contribute something positive and worthwhile for a change.

Name and address supplied

THE headlines tell us that Omicron is galloping through the community. Yet we have tens of thousands of football fans gathering in stadiums, dance halls, nightclubs and pubs all rammed, and folk are still travelling on public transport and going into shops with no face coverings and anti-vaxxers given

the oxygen of publicity.

The perfect storm has been created and there is no getting away from it: there will have to be a lockdown of some sort.