A WOMAN pulled a takeaway worker’s glasses from his face and threw them on the ground after she was blocked from entering the kitchen area.

Alice Conway, 46, entered Chillies, Paisley Road West, on the night of September 24. She was asked to leave several times due to being highly intoxicated, but hours later she returned and became verbally abusive.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, prosecutor Monique Cooney said: “She began shouting and swearing in an aggressive manner towards three members of staff.

“She demanded that she was served, and she thereafter attempted to enter the kitchen area. One of the workers blocked her from doing that.

“She grabbed his glasses from his face and threw them onto the floor and they smashed. She continued to shout and swear. She lay on the floor continuing to shout abuse and the matter was reported to police.

“Officers attended and observed the accused sitting on the ground outside the takeaway. She was arrested, cautioned and charged.

“She stated immediately ‘I’m guilty, sorry’.

“She was taken to Helen Street police office and later released with bail conditions not to approach the takeaway or the three members of staff.”

However, on November 11 at 9.50pm, Conway entered Chillies and police were called. The following week, on November 17, Conway entered the takeaway again.

Ms Cooney said: “The employee made her aware that she had bail conditions not to enter the store or contact him. She ignored that advice and attempted to order food. He contacted police.”

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Conway appeared for sentencing at Glasgow Sheriff Court after previously pleading guilty to assault by seizing the man’s glasses and pulling them from his face, and recklessly destroying property by throwing the glasses on the ground, causing them to break.

Her lawyer told the court that her client has an alcohol problem.

She said: “She had been drinking on the days of these matters.

“She doesn’t drink every day but when she does, she cannot stop. The first breach she attended to order food and was refused. On the second occasion she attended because she previously left two £10 notes on the counter.

“She knows the individuals who work there, and they know her so it’s a great regret that she acted in this nature.”

Sheriff Allan McKay told Conway, of Paisley Road West: “I will place you on a structured deferred sentence with the requirement to attend addiction services.

“A review will be held in three months’ time. Do not commit any other offences. Your current bail conditions will remain. You need to stay away from Chillies takeaway. At the moment I’m still concerned for their safety, and you’ll have to stay away.”