THE MAGIC of Christmas is captured here in a photo from 1958…

Two little children await the arrival of Santa, although they know in their hearts he won’t come until they are asleep…

This lovely picture from our archive is just one of many festive images taken by our photographers over the decades.

Glasgow Times: Waiting on Santa...

Meanwhile, what was on the telly that last Sunday before Christmas Day, 1985, I wonder?

In addition to a documentary about Bob Geldof deciding how to spend the £50 million raised by Live Aid in the summer and a Barry Manilow Christmas concert, there was this - an hour-long festive concert, The Spirit of Christmas, live from our very own George Square.

Fulton Mackay – star of, amongst other things, Porridge, and Local Hero, and who is photographed here with leading nationalist Margo MacDonald – introduced a massed choir of 630, a 160-strong youth choir, and the Clydebank Citadel Band of the Salvation Army, plus a host of celebrities.

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The Evening Times, previewing the concert, said there would also be a “mighty brass band and, on the famous tree, some truly magical presents.”

We also reported that the city’s civic heart would become a “living Christmas card” thanks to the show, which is a lovely notion, when you come to think about it.

The square is looking lovely this year, as usual, although there will be no crowds to enjoy it.

STAFF PIC TAKEN 23/12/1958

Here is a fantastic shot from above, taken in 1958. which captures its festive beauty to a tee.

Happy Christmas from all at Times Past….