A SOUTHSIDE resident went the extra mile this festive season to bring joy to the streets of Glasgow, dancing over 100km in an effort to raise funds for her local community. 

Kate E. Deeming dusted off her dancing shoes and took to the streets of Pollokshields for the second year in a row dressed as a Christmas tree in the hopes of raising money to help give children "their childhoods back". 

The dance artist began boogying on December 13 finishing nine days later on December 22. 

Glasgow Times: [Photograph by Colin Mearns] [Photograph by Colin Mearns]

During that time Kate danced around 112km, raising £2,500 of her £5,000 target.

Glasgow Times: [Photograph by Colin Mearns] [Photograph by Colin Mearns]

While community centres in her local area remain closed Kate said this money will go towards creating afterschool projects to give youngsters "something to look forward to".

She said: "When you're a dancing Christmas tree, life is good. My motivation is to increase joy in the world and how I do that is through dance, it's a universal language and people can automatically get into it, it's recognisable. 

"I think kids are really suffering this year where last year it was hard but I didn't see the tangible effects as much as I do now. 

"We need to give them (children) their childhoods back, kids need to play and be free and have that sense of hope and optimism. 

"We don't have regular activities for kids. Things you might take for granted like sport, music, drama, and dance, they just don't have access to those things. 

"I just want kids to be happy. It's really important to provide fun, regular stuff for kids to do that's them just being kids." 

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Glasgow Times: [Photograph by Colin Mearns] [Photograph by Colin Mearns]

Last year, Kate raised just under £10,000 which went towards providing "fun, regular" activities in Southside schools. 

Glasgow Times: [Photograph by Colin Mearns] [Photograph by Colin Mearns]

She added: "None of the schools were able to do their fundraising last year which was supporting their kids in all sorts of different ways. 

"I know, for example, one of the schools brought in an aerial company to do aerial workshops with the kids, which is amazing.

"Another school brought in a theatre company so it was all just extra bonus stuff for the kids, these little perks that create memories and make the school experience all the better." 

Glasgow Times: [Photograph by Colin Mearns] [Photograph by Colin Mearns]

The mum-of-one grew up in Philadelphia in the US but has lived in Glasgow for nearly 22 years now, most of which has been spent in Pollokshields. 

During the day Ms Deeming works in primary schools creating dance projects with the children, some of whom joined her during her fundraising efforts. 

Kate plans to work with local schools to determine the "best use" of the funds after her fundraiser closes on January 1.

She commented: "What I'm planning on doing, I'm going to take this money and I'm going to work with headteachers and we'll see the best use of the money to create afterschool projects and programmes in the schools themselves because they know the kids the best and they've got the space." 

Kate has now put her Christmas tree costume away for the year but hopes the money raised will add some "magic" into the lives of youngsters in Pollokshields. 

To donate to Kate's fundraiser, visit here