COP26 being in Glasgow famously caused a bit of confusion for CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this year, as he presented his special programme on the climate conference from Edinburgh.

The geographically-challenged news network prompted mockery and bewilderment across social media, with Blitzer and his backdrop of the castle derided for days on end.

The memorable incident – plus Boris Johnson suggesting the UN summit took place in the Scottish capital – appears to have inspired new Netflix show Death to 2021.

The programme, a sequel to Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’s Death to 2020, is a mockumentary satirising the events of the past year.

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Brooker was not back to write the follow-up, with Ben Caudell instead taking the lead, though stars such as Hugh Grant and Joe Keery make return appearances.

During the episode, narrator Laurence Fishburne reflects on the COP26 summit and trolls Scots with a call-back to the row over where it took place.

“A virtual reality world looks increasingly appealing, since in actual reality the world is still trying to kill us,” he tells viewers.

“The much-anticipated COP26 climate conference opens in Glasgow, London. Mankind’s last time to negotiate peace terms with the Earth according to doom-laden coverage.”

Scottish viewers said the “Glasgow, London” was one of the most entertaining parts of the show.

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Glasgow Times:

“I watched #DeathTo2021 last night, and the part that made me laugh the hardest was the narrator saying that COP26 took place in ‘Glasgow, London’,” one commenter wrote.

Cat Headley joked that the line was for a “niche section of the Netflix audience”.

Another Twitter user posted: “Best bit, when they talk about COP26 being held in Glasgow, London ...... Daniel was about to praise them for pronouncing Glasgow properly, until they said Glasgow was in London.”