WHY does Glasgow City Council try to con its taxpayers in regard to the cleansing service which struggles due to lack of manpower? 

It says new technology will improve the service, with hydrogen bin lorries and 20 mechanical street sweepers which will replace the older lorries and sweepers doing the same routes and hours. 

As for hydrogen bin lorries, they are being brought in to replace the older diesel lorries they will still be lifting the same amount of rubbish everyday – unless you put extra manpower and hours on them nothing will change.

WM McCarron

I WAS not surprised to read about the more than 6500 rat sightings in Glasgow in the past year. 

There have been several times I’ve gone to Alexandra Park to walk, and the rodents are out and about – even during the day. 

They are regularly seen close to the play park area. They are attracted to litter and food waste so people need to dispose of this more carefully or the problem will never be solved. 

J Jamieson

I WALK past these new street litter and dog fouling waste bins, recycling bins and food waste bins, never seeing them been cleaned. I see burnt out ones, none with lids and some covered in graffiti. 

I note the bulk uplift system stopped yet again despite the introduction of a bulk charge which has increased fly-tipping in Glasgow. 

I sit at George Square and the smell from these street litter bins is terrible. In these days of Covid-19, I feel street litter and dog fouling waste bins should at least be sanitised.

Name and address supplied

THE rise in gas prices is put down to rising wholesale prices. 
But the wholesale price is set by the people with their hands on the tap. As North Sea gas goes straight into the grid, who controls the grid? 

I know Ineos controls the oil pipeline into Grangemouth, do they also control the gas? Why does the Government allow these parasites to manipulate prices with impunity I cannot understand. Energy is something essential to life, there is no room for profiteering. Glasgow Times: 'We are paying a TV licence for rubbish.' One reader's thoughts on channel 47.'We are paying a TV licence for rubbish.' One reader's thoughts on channel 47.

William Allan

CHANNEL 47 should be called the Bradley Walsh channel. 

The other day it had 12 episodes of The Chase on, why?  As far as I’m concerned it is just a waste of a channel. 

Don’t get me wrong. He is a talented actor and funny guy. But not to be in your face all the time. We are paying a TV license for rubbish.