A city centre bar has divided the people of Glasgow with the introduction of a unique new menu.

Driftwood on Sauchiehall Street is now serving a carefully curated selection of Heinz tinned goods from Cream of Tomato Soup to Spagbol with prices starting at £2.50.

Served with an optional side of chips or garlic bread, of course.

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The popular student hangout debuted their quirky comfort food specials on social media last night, asking customers if they would choose a classic Macaroni over Beef Ravioli.

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It's fair to say reactions since have been mixed with one social media user saying: "I couldn’t think of anything worse than eating macaroni from a tin"

While another argued: "Ravioli on toast is the f****** bomb."

What do you think Glasgow, does a tin of Spaghetti Hoops make the perfect partner for a pint?

For more information on Driftwood click here.