GLASGOW-born presenter Storm Huntley has responded to a cruel troll mocking her appearance on social media.

The Jeremy Vine co-host, who calls herself 'that Scottish burd aff the telly', revealed that an Instagram user had sent her nasty messages following her first show of the year.

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Storm posted a screenshot of the messages on Twitter and wrote: "Just another fan slipping into my DMs on insta..."


She showed her sense of humour by adding a GIF of comedy actress Maya Rudolph sarcastically winking and blowing kisses. 

Fans reacted to the post with their support, with one Twitter user commenting: "Storm you’re fabulous!!! Strong, gorgeous, independent, Scottish girl and I think you’re a great role model! This “guy” is clearly intimidated."

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Another fan praised Storm's presenting and wrote: "I think you should even have your own programme.. love seeing you always in mornings... a breath of fresh air... and always good opinions to give."

Storm previously admitted that she was "anxious" ahead of her first show, but it was a success.

She tweeted: "First Show of 2022! Not going to lie… I was a bit anxious about wearing “proper” clothes and remembering how to do my makeup but we got there! 2022 off to a winner."