I’M not surprised the numbers of coronavirus are so high currently.
The amount of bus passengers who continue to get on without a face mask is just crazy.
They are just so selfish and have no interest in protecting themselves or fellow passengers. Bus drivers need to refuse access to people who flout the rules.
Martin Donald

I WAS interested to read that Glasgow City Council is indicating it has no money to fund pay rises and cannot guarantee opening of venues.
It seems as though it has forgotten its customers, the residents of this city who have had services cancelled and curtailed at best.
They are surely due a refund of council tax for the authority’s failure to provide a service while we pay for staff who are sitting in their houses doing little on full pay for nearly two years. Compliments must go to front-line cleansing workers while bosses are no where to be seen.
Bill Love

WITH regards the council treasurer not being able to guarantee all facilities reopening – I am no financial wizard but surely the money saved by the various departments and buildings, parks museums, closed and our bins and streets getting neglected, the council must have saved a fortune on utility bills and non-productive staff and millions in the coffers not spent?
 Or do we need a new guardian of the council’s silk purse to dig us out of trouble? Is there a rebate due on my council tax in the post or time for change at the next election?   
Stephen Johnstone
Via email 

GLASGOW City Council gets criticised a lot but I feel it appears to do a better job than East Dunbartonshire Council.
It has left a mangled railing on the side of Wester Cleddens Road in Bishopbriggs for weeks and potholes keep reappearing on the same street due to the craters just being patched up instead of having the road resurfaced.