THREE men are accused of taking part in an insurance scam after a mobile phone shop was allegedly set on fire.

Sahail Ahmed, 37, Kasim Ahmed, 32, and Adum Ahmed, 27, on Wednesday faced the charges during a hearing at the High Court in Glasgow.

Prosecutors state they formed a fraudulent scheme to get money by wilfully torching premises owned by Sahail Ahmed listed as the International Mobile Phone Centre in the city's Gallowgate.

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It is alleged as part of a fake insurance claim they pretended that the blaze had been started by "unknown or accidental means".

The indictment states the trio induced an employee at an insurance broker to

initiate the claim in an illegal attempt to obtain cash.

As well as the fraud charge, the three face a separate accusation of culpably and recklessly setting fire to the premises to the danger of others within the same building.

The accusations span between May 16 and 18 2020.

Lawyers for the trio pleaded not guilty on their behalf.

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Adum Ahmed had his attendance excused for the hearing.

Lord Fairley continued the case until next month. No trial was set.

Sahail Ahmed, of Nitshill, Glasgow, and the two co-accused, both of the city's Gorbals, remain on bail meantime.