WHY is it that every time I go to the city centre, all I see is litter?

The bus stops, the streets and sidewalks, there are even plastic bags, napkins and food packages caught up in the bushes.

The council needs to address this issue by either employing more workers to help clean up or bigger fines for littering and restaurants and shops should try and reduce the amount of packaging they are using – otherwise Glasgow will be drowning in litter soon.

A concerned mother

GLASGOW’S binmen seem to have issues in providing the service that council taxpayers pay them to perform daily, not just during this pandemic. Two weeks ago, seven green bins were to be emptied, binmen decided to only empty three and now the bins are overflowing.

They provide a substandard service whilst taking decent wages and always full of excuses on why they are hard done by whilst the country is on its knees.

John F

WE have had three missed collections for the purple bin and that only gets picked up every seven weeks.

Am I the only one aggrieved at paying council tax and all I get for my money is the odd bin picked up here and there?

Billy Jo

THE suspense around restrictions is too much to bear.

I wish we could just have someone make a decision already. Its clear further restrictions are needed so let’s just get it over with.

R Anderson

I ENJOYED Catriona Stewart’s opinion piece about the struggles faced by deaf people when masks became mandatory.

My elderly mother is also deaf, and she has found it really difficult understanding people in shops, hospital and even her home carers.

I’m glad she is not alone and I too hope Rose’s appearance on Strictly means more awareness!

H Smith