RESIDENTS in the city centre will be given earplugs and blackout material for their windows as late-night filming for Batgirl takes place. 

Hollywood crews will move into the Merchant City on Thursday, January 13 to shoot the major blockbuster - expected to hit the screens later this year. 

Locals have been notified of the disruption with filming expected to last until 1.30am for one day. 

Glasgow Times:

In a letter to residents, Warner Bros said that they will issue anybody in the area with materials to aid sleeping in an effort to minimise disturbance. 

It reads: "We mentioned in our previous letter that considering the anti-social hours of some of our work, we can provide black-out material for windows and/or foam earplugs to anybody who feels they may need them."

Members of the Merchant City and Trongate Community Council welcomed the facilities and correspondence between the firm and residents. 

David Cowan, secretary for the group, said: "Some of our residents start work at 5am and are health care workers, so these materials are warmly welcomed.

"While the filming will be here for a short time, it is good for the area. A short sacrifice for filming for a few days is not too much to ask when it brings a lot of benefits to the area. 

"Warner Bros has been great in consulting with residents and have been in touch with us more than any other filming companies have been in the past. 

"We are grateful for their offer to make sleeping easier for our residents as filming takes place."

A Saltmarket resident said: "We've had a few letters, the communication has been quite good, and well publicised.

"It'll probably affect locals with cars quite a lot. I won't mind as long as it's not too noisy - if they offer us earplugs.

"I'll probably take them up on that. It'll be exciting to try and spot my flat when the actual film comes out - and seeing what Glasgow buildings have made the cut."

A number of roads in the area will temporarily close next week as filming begins. 

Glasgow Times:

The areas around Parnie Street, King Street, and Osborne Street will be closed to all motorists on numerous occasions between January 14 and 20. 

Additional closures and parking bay suspensions during the filming period will affect Bell Street, Walls Street, High Street and Albion Street.

Pedestrian access to homes and local shops will be maintained over the filming period with special safety marshalls in place.

Filming for the blockbuster -which will star Brendan Fraser and Leslie Grace - has already taken place in the city seeing George Street transformed into a snowy Gotham in December last year.