A GLASGOW care home worker who left residents soiled in urine and faeces has been given a warning. 

Stephen McGrandles also poured alcohol gel on the grounds of Craigend Gardens Care Home, Ruchazie, and set it alight in front of a colleague in December last year.

During another shift in January 2021, he left dried faeces on a resident's skin and continued to place a clean continence pad on them.

McGrandles also failed to properly clean faeces from another residents skin the same night then stated to his colleague, in the presence of the resident, “that’s not coming off, I’m not f*****g about trying to clean that,” and proceeded to place a continence pad onto the pensioner.

In another incident, again on the same shift, he stated that a resident would "be changed in the morning" when asked by his colleague to assist them.

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Meanwhile, McGrandles failed to carry out a continence check to see if another resident required assistance and as a result, left them with soiled urine.

In a recent Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) report, it stated McGrandles also lied about the time to an OAP.

When asked what time it was by the resident, he advised them it was 5am, when he knew it wasn't.

The report stated that when his colleague advised the resident that it was 6am, McGrandles shouted at them and said “you need to tell her it’s 5am as she will try to get up and she will just upset other residents". 

In another incident the same night, he used someone else's electric shaver on another resident, contrary to an Infection Control Policy. When his colleague advised him that he should not be using it, he continued to do so. 

A warning will stay on the care home worker's record for a period of three years and conditions have been imposed, including undergoing training and submitting a reflective statement.

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A statement in the SSSC report read: "Your misconduct left people in your care sitting soiled and without proper assistance. Your actions demonstrate a lack of respect towards those residents and in maintaining their dignity.

"It breached the fundamental values of the profession however we consider the behaviour is capable of remediation through reflection and additional training and supervision.

"As an experienced social services member, you would have been well aware of the standard of care and practice expected of you. Although the behaviour in failing to provide an acceptable level of care was isolated to one shift, there was a pattern of poor practice which could create significant public protection concerns."

McGrandles had been employed in the social services sector for a period of five years at the time and had "previous good practice".