PLANS have been put forward to extend a Glasgow primary school. 

The proposed extension to Carntyne Primary School, in the city's East End, is within the grounds of the existing building at Liberton Street, which replaced old facilities in 2017. 

Two new classrooms and toilets will be built on the ground floor, meanwhile, two new classrooms, a storage cupboard and toilets will be built on the first floor.

In a recent council report, it stated that the extension, which will be built to the west of the current building, is needed to "meet the pressure of rising rolls in the catchment area". 

If approved, the building works will take place while the existing school is operational, with the pupils and staff remaining through the duration of the construction.

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In a design statement within the planning application, it read: "During construction, the Liberton Street pupil access will be utilised for construction access only.

"For this, an additional gate will be formed from Liberton Street to ensure pupils approaching from the west can access the playground safely.

"This new entrance will remain operational after the works are completed to provide access to a new path being developed in the playground embankment."

It went on to say: "The extension follows the principles of the existing school by exactly matching the existing material palette and external envelope product selection.

"Facing brickwork is proposed to match existing, which will comprise standard format bricks in red tone with a textured appearance.

"The brick type and colour was originally chosen to reflect the surrounding traditional architecture and aesthetic of the existing schoolhouse of the past."

Glasgow City Council is expected to make a decision on the application by February 22. The last date for public comments is February 7.

To read the full design statement, click here.