A MAN knocked out a stranger outside a Merchant City casino with a single punch.

Andrew Watt dodged jail for the assault in the early hours of September 20 last year on Glassford Street.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard the 36-year-old was seen around 6.10am leaving the casino with a group of others and following the victim.

Depute fiscal Sat Singh told the court the victim was seen attempting to get into a taxi but then getting involved in a conversation with a group of unknown men and women, including Watt.

Mr Singh said: "Discussions appeared to be friendly but then they were seen to enter a doorway on Glassford Street noted to be the entrance to the Mansionhouse Club.

"The conversation appeared to escalate."

Watt then kicked out at the victim but was pulled away by an unknown male.

The victim then emerged from the doorway and Watt broke free from the male restraining him and punched the other man to the face.

He instantly lost consciousness, the court heard, falling backwards to the pavement and was unconscious for about 20 seconds.

An unknown male attempted to intervene and stop any further violence.

The group then dispersed and Watt made his way along Glassford Street and Wilson Street.

Members of security staff from the casino alerted the manager who called police and ambulance and gave first aid to the victim.

At 6.34am police attended but the injured man was uncooperative.

Mr Singh added: "That seemed to be a result of having been unconscious and he was confused."

The victim was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary and received treatment.

He suffered a chipped front incisor and injury to the nose, bruises to the torso, swelling to his face and a broken tooth.

Watt's defence brief said: "He acknowledges this is a significant matter and he appreciates the seriousness of the matter.

"He is no stranger to the court."

The lawyer said his client is already on a "fairly lengthy" community payback order with a supervision requirement of two years and he is engaging well with it.

Sheriff Jonathan Guy said: "You pleaded guilty to a serious assault that would undoubtedly have had a severe impact on your victim.

"You have eight convictions for assault, one of which saw you serve a 20 month custodial sentence.

"I would be entitled to sentence you to a substantial period in custody.

"There is a presumption against short sentences and you are already on a community payback order and working to address your serious difficulty, that is anger management."

Watt was sentenced to a tag that will keep him at home between 8.15pm and 6am for 163 days.

He was also told he must pay a £400 compensation order to his victim.