While Boris Johnson and his staff were having drinks parties at Number Ten Downing Street, what were the rest of the country doing?

Remember, it was May 2020, when the UK was still in the full lockdown.

A look at the Glasgow Times from that day shows us that police were moving people on from sunbathing in the Botanic Gardens.

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And the latest figures showed in the previous week there had been 117 deaths in Greater Glasgow of people who had covid.

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Less than two months earlier Johnson had given the dramatic televised address when he said we had to “stay at home”.

No meeting others indoors or out, only allowed out to take exercise once a day, keeping two metres apart.

Queueing at the supermarket, millions of workers on furlough, tens of thousands of people losing their jobs, older people dying in care homes at a previously unimaginable rate.

On May 10, ten days before the latest party to come to light, to which BYOB invites were sent out, Boris Johnson gave another address to the nation.

He was laying out what the new rules could look like but were not yet in place.

It was still a lockdown. It was still ‘stay at home’. It was not ‘party with your workmates’.

Johnson said on May 10, 2020: “You can sit in the sun in your local park, you can drive to other destinations, you can even play sports but only with members of your own household.

“You must obey the rules on social distancing and to enforce those rules we will increase the fines for the small minority who break them.”

Those rules, which changed very slightly from May 13 2020, were “two people from separate households were permitted to meet outside in a public place, such as a park, provided they stayed two metres apart”.

Today Boris Johnson dodged answering an Urgent Questions in the House of Commons about the party.

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Instead, the Government’s Paymaster General Michael Ellis said there was an inquiry and nothing more can be said at the moment.

Calls for Boris Johnson to resign have become louder since the latest party revelations.

Even from within the Conservatives he is under pressure.


So, who should resign over the Downing Street party revelations? Not just Boris Johnson, but that should be a start.

Here’s who.

 1 Boris Johnson. Because the parties were held at his house, his place of work and by people working for the government which he leads. And because he was there.

2 Anyone who attended those parties. Because while they were having parties, the rest of the country were staying at home because we were told to, it was the law. Other people who worked together in essential services like supermarkets, the NHS and emergency services did not have parties at work after their shift and they were working hard too, many of them putting their own health at risk to do so.

3 Every other member of the Conservative UK Government. Because if they knew about the parties, they should have blown the whistle there and then.

And if they didn’t know about the parties, they should resign in protest and want to disassociate themselves from those who did.

4 Michael Fabricant and any other Conservative MP/MSP or commentator who tries to defend either Boris Johnson or those who attended the parties.  Because there is no defence, only excuses and none of them are acceptable, they are pathetic, and those who are coming up with them should be ashamed. Do they really think Boris Johnson would defend them, if it was the other way round? No, they would be under the bus before you can say BYOB.

5 Cressida Dick, Met Police Chief. Because the force she leads has failed spectacularly to investigate, and act on, parties at Downing Street when officers around the country were expected to break up any illegal household gatherings and move people along from park benches. A blind eye and deaf ear must have been turned to these gatherings because the force literally has someone stationed at the front door.