GLASGOW loves celebrity visitors - and we get our fair share of superstars keen to lap up the luxury, culture and nightlife our city has to offer.

Sometimes, however, famous faces just want a quiet life away from the spotlight.

Here are five times some of the world’s biggest stars tried to hide in Glasgow - with mixed results...

Glasgow Times: Ariana Grande. PA/PA Wire


If global popstar Ariana Grande had been hoping to keep her accommodation in Glasgow under wraps when she was gigging in the city in September 2019, a fire alarm swiftly put paid to that idea.

The 7 Rings singer posted a video online of her annoyed reaction to the alarm going off at the Blythswood Hotel – reports suggested she was staying in the luxurious, £2500-a-night penthouse suite and had been using a separate entrance to avoid the paparazzi.

(Also, it was alleged Billy Connolly had been in the hotel at the same time, although the hotel politely declined to confirm or deny any of the details.)

Glasgow Times:  Ian West/PA Wire


Former glamour model Katie tried to take some time out in a low-key Glasgow hotel when she visited the city in 2016. Things got out of hand, however, when she flew into a rage with staff at the Lorne, got thrown out of her room and accused the hotel of stealing her diamonds.

Glasgow Times: Madonna in Glasgow. Pic: Colin Mearns


‘Look who paid us a visit last night in KOKOMO’, tweeted the city centre nightclub in 2015, clearly a bit giddy with excitement. ‘The one and only Madonna!’

The one and only Madonna did indeed party the night away after her Glasgow gig at the Hydro, accompanied by around 50 of her dancers and crew members in a lush private do which only came to light the next day.

The club said on their official Facebook page, “Massive thanks to the legend that is Madonna for coming to KOKOMO last night to host her after show party. Her moves on our dance floor as she and her crew partied the night away were as amazing as her show last night. She can dance!”


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If you want to avoid the masses, chartering a whole train for you and your family is a not too shabby way of going about it.

The celebrity juggernaut that was Brangelina – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, now divorced – did exactly that when Brad was coming to Glasgow to film zombie movie World War Z in 2011.

The A-list couple, their six children and a massive entourage arrived at Central Station where crowds had got wind of their appearance. Trying to keep it secret was impossible, of course, but the waiting hordes were disappointed if they were hoping for a chat or a wave from the stars – the group alighted straight into a fleet of cars waiting on the platform and zipped off down the motorway to an exclusive mansion in Ayrshire.

Glasgow Times: Pink


Superstar Pink just wanted a quiet day out in the park when she visited the city with her Beautiful Trauma tour in 2019.

And, eh, that’s what she got, as everyone else enjoying the sunshine left her to it.

Far from trying to hide, Pink seemed not to care about being hassled by the masses – and they were happy to oblige.

One mum, Michelle Flynn, tweeted: “Saw Pink playing with her kid in a busy Glasgow playpark this afternoon. Most of the folk there knew who she was. Everyone left them to it. Felt really proud to be a Glaswegian today. Also, hanging out in a Glasgow playpark in the sun. Pink, hen, you lucked out!”