CONCERNED councillors have called for urgent action over a boiler house they say is a “disaster waiting to happen.”

Matt Kerr and Jim Kavanagh say they have raised concerns with Glasgow City Council officers on several occasions regarding a dilapidated boiler house in Rosshall Park in Cardonald.

It was built to heat of a network of glass houses in the park during the late 19th century and includes a tower that is around 10m high.

Glasgow Times: Councillors Matt Kerr (left) and Jim Kavanagh (right) close to the boiler houseCouncillors Matt Kerr (left) and Jim Kavanagh (right) close to the boiler house

Councillor Kerr believes that the building is in such a state of disrepair that it could pose a “serious risk” to members of the public.

An inspection was done by a structural engineer in January 2020 and a report completed where recommendations were made on securing the safety of the building. However, Mr Kerr and Mr Kavanagh claim they were not sent copies of this by council officers, despite multiple requests.

Glasgow Times:

Councillor Kavanagh, who represents the Cardonald ward, said that the issues have been “long standing”. He said: “I received a report last month dated January 2020 which means it is two years old. I believe this has been kicked into the long grass. Our buildings have been left to deteriorate and collapse and if we don’t do anything about it the heritage of the city will be lost, plain and simple.

Glasgow Times:

“Quite simply it is no longer fit for purpose. A decision will need to be made one way or the other. There are trees growing out of the chimney and there are large cracks in the building. It needs a decision made imminently. Safety concerns have been raised on numerous occasions.”

Glasgow Times:

The report seen by the Glasgow Times contains a list of issues affecting the stability of the building including damaged stonework, vegetation, collapsed beams, vandalism and a bulge in one wall which is causing concern. Engineers recommended in January 2020 that the fencing around the building should be extended with further inspections into the tower should be undertaken. Vegetation should also be removed as this is affecting the stability of the stonework.

Fencing has now been erected at the site after Mr Kerr contacted the council's chief executive but Mr Kerr and Mr Kavanagh say this is not fit for purpose as it keeps blowing down. They have called for a more permanent solution. Mr Kerr said: “I’ve been on the phone to the council multiple times to get them to put the fence back up. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Glasgow Times:

“Why were the recommendations not enacted until we saw a copy of the report? The bottom line is that for two years, people in Rosshall Park were put at risk because no action was taken. It's a scandal."

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council said: "A temporary fence was installed prior to the festive period to create a safety cordon around this building.

“However, it was always the intention to put in place a permanent fence and it is expected to be installed in the very near future.”