One subject has been the talk of the town this week, or do I mean talk of the (Gotham) city?!

That’s right, Batgirl is right here in Glasgow as Hollywood stars including Leslie Grace gear up to start filming on our city’s streets.

We’re getting used to this now, with the likes of World War Z, Fast & Furious 6, Outlaw King and The Wife, not to mention TV productions Outlander, Shetland and The Cry, all filmed right here in Glasgow.

I’m glass half full on this – the traffic disruption can be a pain, and I bet it’s a challenge for local residents, but overall it’s got to be seen as a great thing for Glasgow.

I only wish Batgirl and co had made it over a week earlier?

Why? Well then we might have enjoyed a scene featuring Batgirl sliding down the Montrose Street snow!!!

What was last Friday morning like? Before I go any further, I hope anyone who got caught in a scrape or slide in their car is ok – as are their vehicles.

Despite almost always knowing that such weather is coming it always seems to catch us out which is why the city almost ground to a halt early last Friday morning.

In fairness, there’s only so much you can do when so much snow falls in such a short amount of time – even Batgirl would have her work cut out there.

But not all heroes wear capes. Which is why I want to take my hat off to everyone who kept the city moving as best they could while the snow lay deep.

I saw loads of Glasgow Taxi drivers doing their very best to remain out serving the public through those most testing hours.

Quite rightly, jobs were prioritized and in particular it was made sure that those children who rely on lifts to school got them as quickly and safely as possible.

It’s not just a nightmare for those on the road – back at our call centre the full team worked relentlessly to deal with every last call and the many cancellations.

Inevitably, in such extreme and sudden weather, some jobs just have to be declined until the streets are clear again and better capacity has returned to the roads. It's a frantic few hours back at base to say the least. 

So, if Hollywood cameras are here to capture dramatic scenes on Glasgow’s streets … well, we were ahead of their time!

As such, in my closing credits this week it’s a big thanks to everyone who soldiered on last week, fair play to you all.

As I said earlier, not all heroes wear capes.

And cut!