When feeling a little delicate after a big night out, we all have our own theories as to what makes for the best hangover cure.

A greasy fry up, black coffee or ice-cold Irn Bru are all common suggestions, but you might not have heard of the traditional Romanian remedy of 'Ciorba De Burta' or Cow Tripe Soup.

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If you're willing to put it to the test then you'll soon be able to try a restorative bowl or two at Transylvania Coffee and Food as they prepare to expand their new menu.

Although we're not accustomed to seeing cow's stomach used in our lunches, Ciobra De Butra is made with nourishing vegetables, herbs and spices and sounds like it could easily do the job of fixing a fragile head.

If anyone was to convince us to give it a go, it would surely be the team at Transylvania Coffee who already have two hugely popular shops on Victoria Road and in Tollcross.

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Owners Daniel Radu and Alex Ghimpu run the show serving hearty food inspired by family recipes including Romanian and Hungarian snacks, fresh produce, cakes and homemade bread.

We can't wait to see what else will be on their new menu.

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