Boris Johnson has admitted he was in the Downing Street garden during a party and apologised.

He said he believed "implicitly" it was a "work event" but admitted he didn't "get it right".

The Prime Minister admitted he went into the garden just after 6pm on May 2020, to thank staff, while the UK was in the highest lockdown.

At Prime Minister's Questions, he said: "In hindsight I should have sent everyone home".

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Johnson said: "I want to apologise. I know millions have made extra sacrifices.  I know their anguish at being unable to mourn relatives.

"I know the rage they feel with me and the goverment I lead."

However, he said he wanted to wait for the inquiry, by senior civil servant, Sue Gray, into the allegations.

The Prime Minister added: "I know enough to know there are things we didn't get right.

"I must take resposnsibility."

He added he should have found another way to thank the staff.

Johnson faced calls from opposition leaders to resign.

Keir Starmer asked repeatedly if he would now resign and said the country knows he was "lying through his teeth".

Glasgow Times:

Johnson said he regretted "very much we didn't do things differently".

Starmer added the apology was "pretty worthless". He said the Prime Minister is a "man without shame".

Ian Blackford, SNP Westminster leader, said Johnson was "accused of breaking the law set by his own government and treating teh country with contempt."

Glasgow Times:

He said: "Will he finally do the decent think and resign? "

Johnson said again :"He should wait until the inquiry concludes."