A GLASGOW care worker has been slapped with a warning after visiting a patient’s home while off duty and accepting prescribed medication.

Iain Adamson has been warned to stay on his registration until 2023 after the incident occurred in August 2020.

An investigation by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) found Mr Adamson had acquired a key safe number from a colleague to gain access to and visit the home of a patient, dubbed “AA”, while off duty.

During that visit, he went on to accept medication that had been prescribed to the patient. It’s not known what type of pharmaceutical the carer took.

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The SSSC said while he may have chosen to visit the patient with “good intentions”, his actions were a “breach of professional boundaries and demonstrated a disregard for safeguards”.

It added: “While in attendance at AA’s home, you accepted prescription medication … from AA. This calls into question your professional judgment and breaches the trust and confidence placed in you.

“Professional boundaries exist to protect the most vulnerable individuals from exploitation, harm or manipulation. Breaching boundaries can create unrealistic expectations in service users and confuse a professional relationship. As an experienced social services member, who has been employed in the sector since October 2009, you should have been well aware of the standards of conduct expected of you.”

Mr Adamson was employed by North Lanarkshire Council at the time of the incident.

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The care body said, while Mr Adamson’s behaviour did fall below the standards of a care worker, he had engaged with the investigation and did not attempt to conceal what he had done. The report went on to say he “demonstrated insight and regret” into his behaviour and knew his actions were wrong.

A council spokesperson said: “Mr Adamson no longer works for North Lanarkshire Council.”