AN ACTING police sergeant was cleared of assaulting her bigoted officer fiancé.

Lara Mcaulay, 32, allegedly punched constable Gordon Dunn, 33, at their home in Rutherglen on January 30, 2021.

The pair fell out amid claims Dunn was abusive to her and her 71-year-old catholic mother Marjorie.

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Mcaulay - a constable with seven years service - claimed Rangers fan Dunn had sung "f*** the Pope and the IRA" in her presence.

Mcaulay stated that she pushed Dunn as she thought he was going to attack Marjorie.

Dunn was convicted at Glasgow Sheriff Court last month for behaving in a threatening or abusive manner with a sectarian aggravation from the day in question and was fined £500.

Sheriff Allan Findlay found Mcaulay not guilty of the single assault charge to Mr Dunn's injury.

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Sheriff Findlay told Mcaulay that Mr Dunn had made "fairly stressful" allegations towards her.

He added: "I am aware that this case has further implications both for you and Mr Dunn and that's a matter for others.

"I must say I was impressed by your honest and evidence and more impressed by your mother's evidence.

"You were perfectly justified in doing what you did and I hope my comments would be noted. You are free to go."

The court heard Mcaulay and Mr Dunn had been in a relationship since the summer of 2018 and were later engaged.

Mcaulay stated in evidence that Mr Dunn had been drinking earlier that day celebrating a Celtic match which sealed his club the league title.

She said Mr Dunn had been drunk and nasty towards her.

The pair later attended Mcaulay's sister's house where she claimed Mr Dunn drank four bottles of wine, beer and a cocktail.

Mcaulay alleged that Mr Dunn made Marjorie, - who was also in attendance - "uncomfortable" with his abusive behaviour towards her.

This included negative comments about Mcaulay's recently deceased father.

She stated that the trio later left to walk home with Mr Dunn going ahead of them.

Mcaulay said: "As we were walking up the road, he was singing football songs like 'f*** you Celtic we're gonna win the league' and 'f*** the Pope and the IRA'.

"I said to Gordon to watch his behaviour in the street as there was a police officer living across the road who had CCTV.

"He said to me to shut up and that he didn't like the neighbours."

Mcaulay claimed that Marjorie was "upset" and knew that he would be embarrassed in the morning when sober.

She stated that she and her mother went to bed while Mr Dunn went into the living room playing music loudly, stamping his feet and singing football songs.

Mcaulay claimed that a mobile phone was thrown at her by Mr Dunn when she first asked him to turn the music down.

She then stated that she filmed Mr Dunn when she asked him for a second time.

She said: "He told me to f*** off and to go and get my f***ing mum."

Mcaulay claimed her mother was sitting on the stairs when she fell to her knees crying and told her that she didn't want to marry Mr Dunn anymore.

Mcaulay stated Mr Dunn came out the living room and stated to her mum: “He turned to my mum and accused my mum of never liking him and my mum tied to say that’s not the case.

“He came towards my mum and said ‘I hate you’ and my mum backed off as he came towards her.

“When speaking to my mum he was in her face

“I put my hand out and pushed him back.”

Callum Anderson, defending, asked if the push made contact and she replied: “Yes...I got him away and made contact with his face.

“I said get out the house we’re finished and he said no problem and walked away.”

Elaine Dunn, 61, stated in evidence that she picked her son up at the scene.

She claimed that he had puffed eyes, specks of blood on his t-shirt and scratches on his arm.

Expert witness Ian Anderson told the court that injuries Mr Dunn sustained would not have been caused by force.