A MUM has recounted her car crash terror after a 60 miles per hour hit and run collision on a dual carriageway.

Annmarie Lochie's car has been completely written off and police are investigating a case of deliberate dangerous driving.  

The mum-of-one, who lives in Broomhill, had been on her way home to the West End with her 15-year-old daughter from a day out.

Glasgow Times:

She was driving down Switchback Road near Anniesland at 2.20pm before she witnessed someone driving at speed behind her. 

Annmarie said: “I had taken my daughter to a café as a treat and we were on our way home. 

“I spotted him in my rear-view mirror and he had come up at a really, really high speed and I instantly thought, I need to get out of his way.

“I indicated left to move and he went to undertake me but strangely waited until I was moving over to do his business."

The driver "snaked" down the road and was swerving left and right before pounding into Annemarie's Peugeot 206 - causing her bumper to break away from her motor.

"Then, he performed the same thing again 40 yards down the road but this time he undercut me and deliberately smashed into my car with his van", said Annmarie.

“My driver’s front side collided with his rear passenger side. My bumper flew in front of my bonnet, there was an almighty smash and there were bits of metal flying all over the place.

“It would have been bad it if was accidental but it was particularly frightening because he was unhinged and I knew that his intentions were to strike me."

Glasgow Times:

The specialist music instructor believes the driver's actions were calculated and that he knew his van would receive minimal damage from the crash.

The motorist sped away after ramming into her car, which also accommodated their family dog at the time of the collision. 

She said: “He was doing a minimum of 60 miles per hour and I was doing around 40. He didn’t break once – he just sped up and out of the collision. It was like he was fleeing a crime scene.

“He didn’t backward glance he just made off. Before he hit me, it was terrifying – I thought, surely this man isn’t going to do this.

“There is a solid wall to the left-hand side of the road. There was a fleeting thought that I was going to be pushed right into it with no way out, for a very split second, I thought that’s what he was going to do.

“I don’t even think he could have been drunk – he was very sharp with his driving and on the ball with what he was doing. His driving was erratic but at the same time very structured and fast."

Glasgow Times:

The terrifying ordeal has left Annmarie with whiplash and her teenage daughter traumatised.

While the family is grateful they have been left with only minor injuries, Annmarie fears that the violent driver could strike again.

She said: “It was with intent and with anger, he was shouting and swearing and absolutely raging. My worry was that he was going to speed up further down the road and do the same thing to somebody else or knock somebody over.

“This man is out there driving today and could do the same thing to somebody else – we were lucky to get away with minor injuries but that might not happen the next time.

“He made a calculated decision. He was in a big van and I was in a small Peugeot – he made that decision to smack into us knowing his van probably received minimal damage.

“I have been left feeling vulnerable from the crash – who would do this to a mother and her daughter?”

Glasgow Times:

Now, Annmarie is financially liable for the crash due to the fact that she could not get the driver's details before he allegedly fled the scene. 

The single mother has been left without a car and unable to visit her mother in Paisley, who is currently dying from cancer. 

She said: "I’m a single parent and the insurance has told me that I am financially liable due to the fact that we don’t have his details. I have no car or courtesy car, it was just taken to the scrapyard. I don’t know what I’m going to do."

Police Scotland confirmed that they are still hunting the suspect.

Any witnesses or those with information should contact 101. 

A spokesperson for the force said: "Police were called at 2.30pm on Tuesday, January 11 following the report of a hit and run involving two vehicles on Switchbank Road, Glasgow.

"Officers attended and there were no serious injuries.

"Inquiries are ongoing to trace the driver involved."