Serial killer Peter Tobin has been taken to hospital from the prison where he is serving three life sentences.

Tobin was taken to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh from HMP Edinburgh on Thursday after becoming unwell.

He is serving a life sentence for raping and murdering Polish student Angelika Kluk, 23, and hiding her body under the floor of a Glasgow church in 2006.

A source inside the prison told the Scottish Sun how staff rushed to help the stricken inmate.

They said: "Tobin is meant to be in a bad way.

"The guards immediately rushed to help him and they were all shouting "code blue, code blue".

"He was rushed to hospital and the whole wing was locked down for a while after.

"All the guys in here hate him — he's evil."

Tobin, who is aged in his mid-70s, is also serving life terms for the murders of 15-year-old schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton, of Redding, near Falkirk, in 1991, and 18-year-old Dinah McNicol the same year.

Their bodies were found 17 years later, buried in the garden of his former home in Margate, Kent.

It is understood he became unwell at around 7.30pm on Thursday.

It is not the first time Tobin, who reportedly is suffering from cancer, has been taken to hospital from prison in recent years.

In February 2016 he was taken to the Royal Infirmary by ambulance after he reportedly collapsed in his cell.

A spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service said: “We cannot comment on individual prisoners.”