A TEENAGER who has been volunteering at Glasgow Royal Infirmary has returned for the third time.

High school pupil Peggy-Nan Rodger is only 17 years old but she has been helping out patients at the hospital during lockdown.

As part of the Glasgow health board's Give and Go service, the teenager and other volunteers offer a delivery service in the main hospitals at times when visiting is restricted.

Friends and family drop off items for patients and can also collect their dirty laundry.

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The young helper said: “I love being a Give and Go volunteer at the Royal, it’s been such a pleasure being part of this team and has given me such personal satisfaction.

“So many people have felt isolated during lockdown but I was lucky enough to be in the hospital, meeting really interesting people and helping to provide a service.

"It wasn’t just about delivering bags to patients, family members would ask us to pass on their love and best wishes too; it was lovely to be part of.

“In 2020, I worked up until August when it as time to go back to school and get back into my studies.

"When things got bad again around Christmas I started back volunteering again, either coming in after school or on a Saturday. I live really near the Royal so I could pop over at short notice.

“Now, after a few months off I am preparing to come back – as soon as my prelims are over!

"It’s honestly been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The Royal is such a great hospital – it’s just Glasgow!

"I’ve enjoyed doing bit for the pandemic and it’s helped me grow as a person. It’s really sad that people can’t get in to see their loved ones but I hope our service has brought some comfort.

“I remember one elderly man. He came in almost every single day with bags of goodies for his wife – such dedication. Come Christmas I had three big sacks to carry up to the ward but was delighted to be part of their story.”

Dr Margaret McGuire, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Director of Nursing said: “I cannot put into words just what an invaluable part the Give and Go service has played in our Covid response.

"Sadly for big chunks of the last two years many of our patients have not been able to have visitors and that has been incredibly difficult for all concerned.

“Not only is this lonely for patients but at the beginning it was difficult to for them to get essentials like fresh pyjamas, toiletries  drinks etc, and then came the amazing response from our volunteers!

"We’ve had such positive feedback from patients and families about what a difference this has made for everyone. Well done and thank you.”

The volunteer scheme runs in several local hospitals, including the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Royal Alexandra in Paisley.