A DAD carried out a terrifying drug-fuelled assault on his daughters by threatening them, slapping one, then breaking down a locked door to spit in her face.

Robert Fraser also had a wooden bat and a knife with him during the "extremely distressing" incident that finally saw him caught by cops while drug driving.

Depute fiscal Ryan Watson told Glasgow Sheriff Court of the events on June 1 last year.

Around 9.15pm Lynne and Bobbi Fraser returned to their Govan home to find their father lying on the couch with a wooden bat and a knife placed on the footstool next to him.

Mr Watson said: "The witnesses were alarmed by this and observed the accused to appear to be under the influence of drugs.

"Lynne Fraser asked the accused what he was doing with the knife and bat."

The court heard he replied: “I’m waiting on a friend. F*** off.” before the women, aged 20 and 25, left the property.

Later that evening, at 9.40pm, Bobbi Fraser received a phone call from the accused.

He told her: “You and your fish lipped sister better not come back here.

"I’ll be smashing your f****** room up.”

The sisters returned to the flat to attempt to prevent Fraser from damaging their property.

At 10.15pm Lynne Fraser was confronted by her father in the hallway where he repeatedly shouted "f*** off" at her.

He then slapped Lynne Fraser to the right side of her face.

Mr Watson told the court a next door neighbour could hear Lynne Fraser crying through the wall.

Bobbi and Lynne both locked themselves in a bedroom but Fraser attempted to gain entry.

When realising it was locked, he forced his way in by kicking the door and breaking the lock.

Fraser then spat on his daughter's face. Both women left the building and the police were contacted.

When officers arrived they observed Fraser driving away at the wheel of a vehicle.

At 4am the accused was seen driving and was stopped by the police.

When police approached him he appeared to be under the influence of a substance with slurred speech and dilated pupils.

He was requested to provide a breath specimen, which he complied with and it contained no alcohol.

The 53-year-old said to officers: "It was they s*** street vallies."

Fraser was arrested and cautioned and taken to a police station where a forensic medical examiner was called but due to the accused being unsteady on his feet they could not carry out an assessment.

Fraser, of Govan, said: "I slapped her, my daughter. We were shoving each other."

Fraser's defence brief told the court: "This was an extremely distressing incident for a man of 53 to be involved in with his children.

"He has no prior record and this incident, he has no real explanation for it."

The lawyer told the court that since the incident 18 months ago Fraser has had no contact with members of his family.

He added: "He wants to apologise to the court."

Sheriff Diana McConnell said: "Your conduct on June 1 was absolutely disgraceful, attacking your daughters in that way, particularly spitting on one of your daughter's faces then getting in a car when you were impaired through drugs and driving on a public road.

"You have reached the age of 54 [sic] and you have got no convictions, you have got a clean licence."

The sheriff imposed a community payback order to put Fraser under 12 months of supervision with a 12 month conduct requirement to engage with drug counselling.

He was also tagged for 90 days, keeping him at home between the hours of 8pm until 7am.

Fraser was also disqualified from driving for 12 months.