A BOTTLE of Buckfast is on special offer in Gotham City for as little as $5.00.

We visited the film set of the upcoming superhero flick Batgirl in the Merchant City to take a closer look.

An American 'liquor store' features as part of the set on Parnie Street, and in the shop window there are a range of special offers with dollar price tags. Glasgow Times:

Two bottles of the popular tonic wine could be seen, with one on 'offer' for $5 and another larger bottle for $7.99. Glasgow Times:

And it looks like we have new rivals to compete with, as there was a sign advertising The Gotham Globe and The Gotham Gazette. 

Glasgow Times:

The store window displayed posters advertising lager, cola, advocat and ginger wine, as well as a poster for a Christmas market.

Much of the set is covered in fake snow and Christmas trees, and film crews were spotted assembling market stalls earlier this week.

Glasgow Times: