A BAR chain under the spotlight after staff claims of "systematic mistreatment" has accused a union of "threatening the future" of the company.

MacMerry 300 who operate Glasgow venues such as Abandon Ship, The Luchador, Mr Lincoln, Fly South and The Bull has come under fire in the last week after seventy members of current and former staff signed a collective grievance accusing the firm of breaching covid rules as well as making “regular mistakes” with pay and holidays.

In a statement, management said the behaviour of Unite the Union’s hospitality branch was “threatening the survival” of the company after the organisation slammed them across their social media channels and held a protest outside of Abandon Ship on Mitchell Street in the city centre last week. MacMerry called these allegations “worrying and sensationalist”.

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Members of the union launched a fundraiser which has raised more than £2000 for workers across the company who had their hours cut, a claim they say was retaliation for the collective grievance.

However, MacMerry refutes this claim and point to the difficult January trading conditions and latest Covid-19 restrictions. They said: “The last few days have been very damaging, with an astonishing array of accusations blasted daily across the media by Unite; none of which had been previously put to the company.

“In the meantime however, trade has been badly affected, significantly damaging our ability to continue to operate after an incredibly difficult period for the whole hospitality industry. We have been keen and open throughout to start a dialogue and hope we can now move swiftly forwards on a more positive footing for all concerned."

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Unite the Union said MacMerry’s accusations were “beyond parody” and called for the focus to be on looking at the issues raised by their members.

The union’s Bryan Simpson said: “Macmerry clearly have no concept of what a union is if they think that it is one official behind this entire campaign for fair working practices across the group. 70 per cent of their workforce have demanded action on what we believe are immoral and unlawful practices.

Glasgow Times:

"They should focus on the failure to pay wages, holidays, pensions and sick pay, not petty attacks on Unite or its officials.”

“We would urge Mr Donaldson and Macmerry directors to stop trying to undermine the collective will of their workforce and get round the table to resolve the very serious issues that pervade their organisation.”

It is understood the union will now meet with MacMerry to discuss the issues raised and find a constructive way forward.