A YOUNG man glassed a fellow reveller at an all-night AirBnB party in a row over noise from the music.

Jules Murray narrowly avoided jail after Glasgow Sheriff Court heard the events of May 30 last year in a rented flat.

Depute fiscal Ryan Watson described how two acquaintances of Murray, from Gartcosh, had earlier that day booked an AirBnB property at Lancefield Quay in order to have a party for them and their friends.

They arrived at the property first and were joined later by Murray, Mr Watson told the court.

Around 4am the victim, Craig Cassidy, turned up at the party, having been invited by friends of people who were already there.

He had only been at the party for around 15 minutes when an argument broke out over the volume of music in the flat between two men.

Mr Watson said: "The argument then became physical and the complainer Cassidy became involved in an effort to defend his friend.

"The accused appeared to be friends with the other male and the accused got involved in the stand up fight where punches were thrown between the [victim] and the accused.

"During the course of the altercation the accused picked up a wine glass in his right hand and used this to strike the complainer to the face."

The fight was then quickly broken up and Mr Cassidy and a friend left the property.

Mr Watson added: "At this point the complainer believed he had only been punched to the face.

"It wasn't until he got into a lift at the locus he saw in the mirror he had a large laceration to his left cheek which was bleeding heavily."

Meanwhile, Murray, an apprentice joiner, contacted an ambulance for the victim when he left the flat.

An ambulance and police arrived and the victim was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary where he was treated for an 8cm laceration to his left cheek, which a doctor confirmed will cause permanent scarring.

Murray, 20, had left the scene but made it as far as Stepps railway station when he called police and told them he had hit a person with a glass.

When police arrived at the train station Murray told them: "I was fighting with this guy and I glassed him.

"There was blood everywhere.

"I phoned an ambulance when I was leaving."

He was taken to Govan police station where he was cautioned and charged.

Murray's defence brief said: "This was quite an involved situation with a lot of to and fro.

"Mr Murray's involvement in the fight was to defend a friend but it got out of control.

"Mr Murray was the one to contact the ambulance and contact the police to hand himself in.

"He accepts full responsibility for his behaviour and makes no attempt to blame anyone else - he sees alcohol as no excuse.

"He is deeply ashamed of what he did."

Sheriff Diana McConnell rose from the bench to consider her sentence in chambers before returning to the court.

She said: "This is a very serious offence, I'm sure you appreciate that.

"Now, you struck a young man with a glass and you caused permanent scarring to his face.

"The custody threshold has been met and I have seriously considered whether a custodial sentence is the only appropriate disposal in this case."

However, the sheriff decided against sending Murray to jail due to his "young age and lack of previous offending".

She added: "You are a young man who lives a pro-social life and works full time and you present as genuinely remorseful."

Murray was placed on a community payback order with 12 months supervision and was ordered to carry out 225 hours of unpaid work.

He was also tagged for 136 days, keeping him at home from 7pm til 6am and will be back at court in four months for a review.